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The host transfer limbo

Things have been rather hectic while we changed hosts.  There were a few little snags, but  we ended up where we were supposed to be…  or so I thought.  I just discovered all the subdomains disappeared in the transfer, but I’m madly adding them all back now… hopefully everything will be back to where it should be shortly.

Jess’ Kingdom

Another  author page has been brought back to life.  Jess M’s stories are a bit of a mess on Gossamer, with many of them listed amongst the work of other Jess’s or under a name she asked to be removed a long time ago, so this has all her work in the one place.

This site got a little bit of a makeover as it’s been converted to a mobile friendly design, which is something we’d like to do more of if possible.  It was reworked around the existing images.

Jess is renowned for her MSR smut; one of her most famous stories being “the chilis fic” (The Airport), which was referenced by Gillian Anderson during season 11.

Click on the image above to get to Jess’ site.



The Cutting Room Floor

The Cutting Room Floor, originally managed by Pete Scully, was one of the largest X-Files movie/episode based fanfic archives during the original run.  It started as an archive for ‘Flickfic’ (Fight the Future stories) and quickly expanded to include other seasons.

Stage one of the resurrection is finally complete., the massive trailer from whereunder we exhume long-buried archives, is rather hit and miss in what’s available for a particular site.  There were over 500 stories that had to be replaced, over 4000 links that needed fixing, as well as a number of missing banner images.  Fortunately the banners were easy enough to recreate, but there were background images in the tables on the index page that could not be recovered.

Stage two of the resurrection involves adding all the extra stories that should have been there but weren’t linked on the pages we had.  In the meantime, if you’re looking for a specific post ep fic that’s not there, feel free to ask.

Click the above image to visit the archive, or go to



The Current Dirt – 1 April 2018

Despite Donna’s Stories being back at its original location,, there’s more to be done.  Unlike most of our resurrections, Donna is still very much involved with the site, and upon the discovery of quite a bit of termite-infested code and lots of missing links, we’re keen to give it a full renovation for her to continue with, and will let you know what’s happening when that’s sorted out.

At the moment we’re focusing on getting some smaller author pages back online, but the majority of sites being worked on are under names that need to be changed.  The interwebs were a very different place in the 90’s.  Newsgroups were rather secluded places where it felt safe to post your stories, and it was generally assumed, I think, that what happens in newsgroups and on a few isolated archives and geocities websites stays in those places.  20-25 years later and the internet is a very different place.  Smut-writing students are now well-respected community members, parents, and even  award-winning well-respected (and often still smut-writing) authors who don’t want to be forever associated with their youthful indiscretions.  This week the stars aligned and we were able to contact a couple of those writers and are under negotiation to have their pages republished here after removing any personally identifying information.

It’s almost impossible to remove everything that’s already out there, and if someone’s managed to do that we’ll respect the effort involved and not resurrect their site, even under a different name, without their permission (although if they’ve done that good a job there’s no site to resurrect anyway).  If there’s existing work still out there, having an alternative author name for it won’t make that go away, but it can reduce use of that original name in links etc, and hopefully take the focus off the original name.

We’re often unaware of which author names are sensitive, and it can take a bit of research and/or luck to discover that an author wants their fic or name removed.  This week we discovered a post in the old newsgroup where a still much talked about author today attempted to have their last name changed to an initial when they were looking at becoming a high school teacher and didn’t want their fanfic found by students. We hope she hasn’t had to change her real name or isn’t rocking in the corner every time her last name is mentioned in conjunction with her fanfic, particularly since a boost in circulation of one particular smut classic after it was alluded to by Gillian Anderson in January.  So as a very belated community service announcement on behalf of Jess M,  if you’re sharing anything of hers please don’t use her full name.  Feel free to contact us if you require validation of this.

In fact, we’d go far as to recommend you avoid using full names when you’re discussing or linking to a fic hosted somewhere on the web, because while it may be hidden from search engines in its original location, using the full name  somewhere that search engines will index may cause issues.  Perhaps use initials or see if there are other identifiers, such as their Gossamer author ID, to identify them without posting their name in it’s entirety.  It’s something we tend to do without thinking, and as much as we love these authors and want to praise and share their work, we don’t want it to become a burden to them, and we don’t want to risk its removal completely.  On the other hand, we also don’t want “protecting authors” to be a defense for plagiarism.

If you are an author with a still-used name that you’d like replaced, please let us know and we’ll do our best to do some name-washing for you by making your stories available under a name you can live with.

While we don’t have any new sites to reveal right now, there’s a lot that’s been happening behind the scenes and we’re itching to make some more classic fic available.  Now that Season 11 is over, and we’ve almost put My Struggle 4 behind us, things should pick up again.


Other sites: xphilefic

There are a number of fanfic pages and author sites currently on the internet thanks to the restoration efforts by other archivists.  By far the most dedicated of these keepers of past joys is Mimic117 who has archived at least 90% of these pages.  It is Mimic who inspired this site, and has answered many questions we’ve had, and I’d like to thank her for everything she’s done and continues to do for the X-Files Fanfic community.

The long list of sites under her care can be found alongside the X-files Lost and Found at


Kirsten K’s Basement Office

Kirsten is a Dutch author who wrote fan fiction in both English and Dutch over a period of around 10 years.  I have the utmost respect for people who can write in more than one language when some of us can’t even write a decent story in one.

Apart from adding a few links to make navigation easier an a minor name change, it was remarkably intact so little else needed doing.  The site was originally just called The Basement Office but since there are a few of those around we’ve added her name to the beginning to distinguish it from the others.  There are also a number of stories written after the site shut down, so we’ve managed to contact her and we’ll be adding the extra stories to her page soon.

Kirsten is the first author to appear in The Afterglow, a subdomain where all the smaller author sites can hang out together.

Click on the image to visit the site.