The Fanfiction of Anne Haynes

Anne Haynes was a popular author of X-Files fan fiction from the mid 1990s.

After initially publishing stories under her real name, she realized that having her name on fanfic may not help her credibility as she moved towards writing screenplays and novels.  At this time she chose to remove much of her existing work from external archives and keep better control of distribution by publishing them exclusively on her own site under the pseudonym Anne Haynes.

Paula Graves went on to publish over 40 romantic suspense novels before her sudden passing in January 2017.

Only a small number of her stories are available on Gossamer, so it gives us great pleasure to bring you this site.

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Calendar Girl Series by Jori

Click here for Calendar Girl I

Jori’s work can be found elsewhere on the web, with some of her series posted at different archives. The Calendar Girl Series I & II, however, can only be found at Gossamer, but it’s difficult to work out the order, so we’ve recreated the original pages for the two series here. It’s important to note that CGII was never completed, so if you need closure on a story maybe just stick to the first series.  The stories in this series cover the whole angst spectrum, sometimes with a carefree and playful Mulder and Scully but frequently delving into torture and angst.  All but 2 stories are rated NC-17 so no kiddies allowed.

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