Donna’s Stories

Donna’s Stories is back at its original location now –  The front page is still up at the mirror, but a lot more is happening behind the scenes.

Since this site is still updated by Donna occasionally, and was discovered to be a little termite infested when we checked out the code, we’re hoping to give it a complete overhaul so that it won’t suffer an early demise again due to health reasons.  I can promise that it won’t be as mixed up as my metaphors.


We had an emergency situation yesterday when Donna’s Stories wasn’t where it should have been.  A quick check with Donna found that it wasn’t intentional, so some emergency surgery resulted in a mirror of the site at  We don’t have a lot of live site backups, but Donna’s Stories is a favorite so a current copy just happened to be on hand.  There’s some tweaking left to do, but the site appears to be structurally sound.  We’ll hang on to it as long as we need to and let you know of any status changes.