The Cutting Room Floor

The Cutting Room Floor, originally managed by Pete Scully, was one of the largest X-Files movie/episode based fanfic archives during the original run.  It started as an archive for ‘Flickfic’ (Fight the Future stories) and quickly expanded to include other seasons.

Stage one of the resurrection is finally complete., the massive trailer from whereunder we exhume long-buried archives, is rather hit and miss in what’s available for a particular site.  There were over 500 stories that had to be replaced, over 4000 links that needed fixing, as well as a number of missing banner images.  Fortunately the banners were easy enough to recreate, but there were background images in the tables on the index page that could not be recovered.

Stage two of the resurrection involves adding all the extra stories that should have been there but weren’t linked on the pages we had.  In the meantime, if you’re looking for a specific post ep fic that’s not there, feel free to ask.

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Cutting Room Floor

The Cutting Room Floor is a pre/mid/post episode archive which was run by Pete back in the day.

It’s a huge archive and although most of it has been uploaded, the tedious checking of links to make sure everything is there and not in a name that shouldn’t be displayed is taking forever.

You’re welcome to browse through the site, just please refrain from linking to any of the pages that haven’t been double checked yet.  These ones will have a pink notice on them.  If you desperately have to link to one and it’s under what appears to be a real name, just let us know first so we can fix it if it needs it.

We’re learning a lot during these early resurrections that will hopefully make future ones run a lot smoother.

The Cutting Room Floor is at its own subdomain:

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