Blue Light Special by Jori

Set after the events of TGWSC, Scully gives Mulder a very special gift.


My eyes open slightly and are met by soft, twinkling lights. Earlier in the evening, I hastily draped the lights over my window, lacing them over the curtain rod and down the sides of the window frame. I wipe my eyes, as I try to figure out how long I've been asleep. The sun is well beyond setting, and those little bulbs are the only illumination I can see in my apartment. It was my feeble attempt to add a touch of holiday spirit in case Scully came back here after a day spent with her holiday crazed family.

The lights are blue and not very Christmas-like, but I bought them at the only place open this afternoon, and the owners happen to be Jewish. Besides, I thought at the time, if she doesn't come back, it will be a blue Christmas anyway.

I reach for her, my mind so sure Scully fell asleep next to me on my couch. There is no soft, female body next to mine. I am alone and it has all been a dream, like much of my life lately. I haven't been sure of what is real or not for a while now, but as I reach out to where I swear she was tucked beside me, I'm given no choice but to accept that it was just a dream. Except, I know I bought those lights for a reason. I did do that for her.

My heart sinks a little, no, a lot, as I realize I've finally slipped into an added dementia, one where I dream my beautiful partner would rather spend Christmas evening with me than with her family. Damn it. At least my mind could spare me the torture.

How would she have been able to get back here? Her damn brother would have followed her and kicked my ass to kingdom come. That is why she had to leave in such a hurry this morning. Scully was afraid of what Bill Jr. might say. She was worried she was going to be late as we sat and talked and watched the snow fall gently out of the window that now twinkles in blue.

That was all that happened. Talking about where we were going, and how we were going to get there, together. I wanted her to know that she didn't have to follow me wherever I went, that I knew she had a life unique and separate from my own.

When she finally went to leave, I had to lend her one of my Winter coats, as she had neglected to bring one of her own. I really wanted to see her in one of my leather jackets, but she settled on a more subdued navy blue wool instead.

Then, apparently in my dreams, she came back, wearing only that coat, and we made love for the first time ever on this very couch.

Her body was above mine, and little blue stars flashed on and off, dusting her perfect breasts with traces of heaven. She rhythmically moved on my cock to the beat of the flashing lights, never losing time, never missing a beat.

"Merry Christmas, Mulder," she moaned into my ear at one point, and she came for me. She didn't scream or cry out my name, but the sound she made was so Scully. Reserved but filled with passion.

God, it was a damn good dream. I'll have to remember this one for next year when I'm once again alone at Christmas.

"Mulder?" I hear a female voice say from the direction of my kitchen. Not just any female voice, but Scully's voice. My dream calls for me from the other room. I really have to have this condition checked out.

"Mulder?" I hear again and it is not in my head.

"Yes . . . " I manage to creak out, my mind still in shock that my blue-light fantasy quite possibly was real.

She steps out of my tiny kitchen and stands before me. She is wearing one of my dress shirts, but only a few buttons are done around her waist and she had to roll the sleeves up. Scully picked a blue shirt, and now in the lights, she looks absolutely gorgeous dressed in my clothes. I always knew she would.

"What's wrong?" she asks me. She is smiling a puzzled smile and she must be concerned over my quizzical expression, "I'm sorry if this bother's you. I haven't seen you wear it in awhile, so I thought you wouldn't mind . . . "

"Mind? You look great. You should come to work every day dressed in my clothes," I say to her, trying to ease her concern over ransacking my closet for the shirt I always knew was her favorite.

"People would talk," she says, as she continues to stand there hovering between this room and the other.

"Right, Mrs. Spooky. We wouldn't want that," I joke. She knows as well as I do that people *already* talk.

"Mulder, don't you have anything to eat here? Sex always makes me famished," she declares as she points back into my kitchen.

So it did really happen. Scully just announced that we had sex. We are lovers. That phrase bounces around in my head, and I don't even want to begin to comprehend all the implications of it. I'm just glad my mind isn't suffering from its usual 'Scully and I had sex on my couch' dementia. Besides, sex that good couldn't have been a dream.

"No. I don't have anything to eat here, unless you want the box of matzo crackers I picked up from the store where I bought the lights."

"Do you have anything to put on them?" she asks, knowing full well I only own a box of matzos.

I don't even know how I ended up with them. I guess buying a box of blue lights just seemed too sad. Not that buying a box of blue lights and some matzos made me appear less sad, it just put the notch of my sadness to a lesser degree. Now, a box of lights and some gefilte fish would have made it appear I was a man going over the edge . . .

"Mulder? Did you hear me?" she asks, shaking me from my reverie.

"No, Scully. I don't have anything here. I didn't know if you were coming back over after spending the day with your family," I say, sounding like the sad sack I was at the store.

"Then why did you put up the lights?" she asks me curiously.

"I guess I just believe in extreme possibilities . . . "

"You just don't believe in feeding those extreme possibilities?" she asks me.

She finally moves and come over to me. I sit up and make room for her beside me, and she fits perfectly, nestled snugly under my arm.

"I'm sorry. It just would have been too sad if I had bought a lot of stuff and then you didn't show up," I tell her as I pull her close.

"I told you I'd be back if I could get away. I meant it. Besides, Mulder, nothing could keep me away. Not unless my brother chained me up in the basement," she tells me.

"Did they suspect something when you showed up late this morning?" I ask, my hand feeling the soft material of my shirt draped over her softer body.

"No, they didn't. I told them I overslept, and they believed me. I wish you had come with me, though. I didn't want you to spend the day alone," she says.

"And then I would have gotten the ass kicking of my life and the only lights I would have seen would have been the ones on top of the ambulance . . . "

"Bill isn't that bad, Mulder. Besides, you're armed," she says. as her hand reaches around my naked body, "Well, usually you're armed."

"I'll almost be armed again in a second if you keep that up . . . Scully!" I say as her hand wanders under my blanket and to my lap.

"My brother Charlie wants to meet you this morning. He promises he won't beat you up even if you are the bastard Bill says you are. Of course, at that time, you and I were just platonic partners who just happen to work at the same place," she says, as her hand continues to make slow circles around my cock, teasing me until I grow hard.

"Like we were ever platonic partners who just work at the same place. It has always been more than that and you know it. God, I thought you said you were hungry."

"If I'm going to have to choke down dry matzos, I'm going to make sure I'm extra hungry," she says with a smile.

Slowly, teasingly, she pulls the blanket off my lap, leaving me completely naked and hard under her touch.

Without so much as a word between us, she deftly moves up onto my lap, straddling me, and lowering herself down on me in one quick motion. It is as if we already have a certain knowledge of each other borne from nights of dreams that we just couldn't quite fulfill.

I slide slightly down the couch so she can maneuver better above me. Twice now she's been on top and in control. Scully isn't shy like some new lovers I've had, who preferred to hide under me for the first several times until they became more comfortable. No, she's already aquatinted with all of my being, everything that I am, and she is not afraid of me at all.

From my new angle, her face is above mine and her eyes shine with the intensity of a barn on fire, flamed by years of penned up frustrations and want and desire. I want her back just as badly.

My hands move from the couch where they seem to be planted and I fumble with the buttons of my shirt, finally giving it up and just sliding it down around her waist so her breasts are exposed. Her hands fly up to my shoulders as she leans into me, allowing me flick one of her hardened nipples with my tongue.

"Mmmmm . . . " she moans, as I pull her breast further into my mouth, enjoying its perfection.

All this time, she never stops her skillful rising and falling on my cock, and I am so glad to a part of her body and soul right now. We are one, if only for a little while.

I move my hand until it finds her clit, causing her to moan again, only this time from somewhere deeper inside. I'm amazed I can make her feel like this. Her sorry son of a bitch partner can make her moan. Take that, Billy boy. I *can* make her happy.

Within minutes, her movements over me slow down, as she fully concentrates on what I'm doing to her. Her eyes are shut and her mouth forms a perfect rosebud O of delight as she nears her climax. Scully's one hand comes down off of my shoulder and shows me the exact pressure she needs, her hand on top of mine, but not moving mine aside. I want to do this for her. I want to do this today and everyday for the rest of our lives.

A moment later, her body jerks backwards, her back making a perfect arch as she breathes heavily through her orgasm. I try to make her come as long as she can, not moving my hand away from her clit, but rather pushing at her harder. Finally, the sensation is too much for her to bear, and she grabs both my hands and clenches them tightly.

I can feel her quaking around my cock, her inner muscles twitching while pulling me in further, and now I want to join her in this feeling of delight.

Instead of continuing her sensual movements on my lap, she decides to moves off of me, slowly allowing my slippery cock to leave her body.

"Hey..." I start to protest, but she puts a finger to my lips.

Instead, Scully kneels next to my legs, pulling my ass a little further off the couch and spreading my knees. She takes the length of me into her mouth, causing me to moan from all the long forgotten sensations involved in receiving a blow job.

I look down at her, illuminated only by tiny bulbs of flashing light, and I am amazed. My beautiful partner is giving me head. The thought makes my hips buck up, forcing me to accidentally hit the back of her throat. She makes a little gagging noise.

"I'm sorry," I say to her, embarrassed at my lack of control.

"Essh okey," she says back, never moving her head off of my cock.

A moment later her one hand begins exploring my body, looking to provide me with more pleasure, slowly and gently nudging at me. Jeesh! I think she found one hell of an erogenous zone and this time I really can't control the movement my hips make. The thin line between pleasure and pain can sometimes be hard to distinguish, and this is certainly one of those times. My mind is too curious to tell her to stop, enjoying it all, as I think about writing a letter to that medical school of hers that taught her every aspect of the human body, especially ways to a man's prostate. Or to what ever man taught her. No, I don't want to think about that now.

Her mouth and hand move in rhythm with each other, making me come so close to the edge so many times. She knows when to back off, to extend this pleasure for as long as she can.

Finally, I know it is close, and I tell her, "Scully, I, um, am going to....ahhhhh,"

Before I can get the words out, I come in her mouth, her tongue eagerly lapping up every last drop I spill into her.

She finally takes her mouth off my quickly becoming flaccid cock, but rests her head on my knee, just watching me as I shrink back to normal.

"Did you like that?" she asks me, with a tinge of worry in her voice.

What does she expect me to say? *No, Scully, that was the worst blow job I've ever gotten. I want you to make sure you never put your mouth on my cock again for as long as you live. It sucked, no pun intended.*

Like that is going to happen. It is more likely I will tell this woman who is now worried about her performance how could it not be great. This woman that I've been ass over tea kettle in love with for years just gave me the most amazing, most spectacular blow job. My mind is telling me that we could have been doing this in the car on all those road trips all these years. This is better than I ever hoped for.

"Scully, that... was... astounding. Now I need to buy you breakfast. I wouldn't expect you to swallow some dry old crackers, too. That is, if you are still hungry," I say to her as I pull her up on to the couch next to me.

"You're not that filling, Mulder," she says to me, grinning from ear to ear.

We sit silently together, not needing that endless chatter some new lovers need. We are years beyond that, even if we only made love for the first time a few hours ago.

"Why did you pick blue?" she asks, gesturing to my lights, "I'm having a horrible K-Mart flashback to my childhood."

"First of all, I figured solid red would be too tawdry and cheap. I didn't want you to think I was recreating Amsterdam in here, even if that blow job you just gave me could make one think..." I start to say as she punches me in the arm.

"I'm not cheap. Trust me on that one, Mulder."

"No, you are priceless. Now, second of all," I start again, my arm still smarting from what I'm sure is going to be a bruise by Monday, "and this is an important second of all, these were the only ones they had."

"I like them. I like you," she says as her head nestles into my chest.

"What part of me do you like the best, Agent Scully?" I ask her, jokingly.

Her blue eyes tip up to meet mine and a mask of seriousness crosses her face.

"I love your mind, the way you think of things others can't even imagine, that I can't even imagine. I love your heart and soul, and the way they make you the person you are. I like how that part of you respects me for what I believe in, while never doubting what you believe in. I'm beginning to really like other parts of you, but I don't know them that well yet. I'm sure I'll be head over heel in love with them in a few more days," she says to me, her voice purring.

That was the most amazing after sex speech I've ever heard. Of course, she's the most amazing person on earth. I pull her back close to me again, and kiss the top of her head. I'm just glad to be here with her. Then I hear her tummy rumble.

"So, what about breakfast Scully. Where would you like to go?" I ask her, not waning to starve her after our middle of the night activities.

"I know where you can take me, but I want to call my brother Charlie and have him meet us there. He, the wife and kids are leaving Mom's house today to go visit her mother, and I want him to meet you first," she says in all earnestness.

"But it is only five in the morning, Scully..." I begin to protest. I don't want to ruin this perfect night by battling with a Scully brother.

"Oh, he's up. I think he's been up at five a.m. his whole life, much to my mother's dismay. I'll give him a call, and hopefully I won't wake Bill."

"Yeah. Hopefully," I say, a slight panic rising in my chest.

A few minutes later, she relays the plans to me and I begin to get ready to go meet one more Scully.


Scully and I stand at the door to Denny's, waiting for Charlie to show up. The early morning crowd of regulars are starting to show up, and they banter with the wait staff they are familiar with. We are here because we are sure no one would recognize us, besides the man we are supposed to meet.

Scully still has on my blue shirt, managing to wrap it fashionably around her body and tucking it in her suit pants in a way that makes it look like it belongs to her. After last night and this morning, she can have it. She can have anything she wants.

"He's here," she whispers to me, and I turn my head towards the glass doors, expecting another Bill Jr. Instead, I'm greeted with a man who looks just like Scully, only a lot taller, thin and most definitely male.

His face lights up when he sees his sister, and I'm hoping for the best.

Charlie the mystery brother grabs Scully up in an embrace, saying "Hey, big sister. I hope you know all the trouble you caused leaving early like you did yesterday."

"Oh? I'm sure everyone survived. Charlie Scully, this is Fox Mulder," she says, pulling away from him.

"Well, well, well. The ever elusive Fox Mulder in person. I didn't think I'd ever get to meet you," he says to me, and I wonder on what occasion we might have been able to meet before.

"I could say the same thing, considering I've had the pleasure of meeting all the other Scully siblings," I say back to him.

Both of their heads tilt down, and I realize I've just brought up memories of the sibling who can no longer join them on Christmas. Well, I'm sure that scored me lots of points with Charlie.

"You don't appear to have pure evil emanating out of your pores," Charlie says as he looks back up at me.

Scully and I just laugh, both of us sure that description came from Bill Jr.

"Let's get a seat, so we can talk," Scully says, as she grabs the hostess.

We are shown a to a booth, and Charlie slides in on one side, moving all the way in. I'm sure he thinks his sister is going to choose to sit next to him, and he looks surprised when she slides in next to me instead.

Our shoulders touch, but we've been in this somewhat intimate position before in much more intimate locales. Hotel room beds, hospital beds, forests, and airplanes in the middle of the night. The list goes on and on. No one could possibly know that we just became lovers over night, not even her brother.

That is until I put my hand up on the table and she puts her hand over it, her fingers wrapping down into mine. The look on his face is not an angry one, just one of disbelief.

"Please say you are kidding, Danes, all right?" her brother asks, looking kind of desperate.

"About what?" she says, clearly not afraid of this brother.

"How long?" he asks her, ignoring the fact that I'm right here next to her.

"Recently, but that is no one's business but ours. Not yours, not Bill's, and at this point, not even the FBI's." she tells him defiantly.

"Really? Bill assumed you two, you know, for years..." he starts to say.

"How in the hell would Bill know? Besides, why would you two be discussing my personal life anyway?" she asks him, expecting an answer.

"We are old married men. We've got to discuss someone's personal life, and yours seems to be the most interesting," he tells her.

She chuckles at this remark, and I realize that since our personal lives have pretty much matched for the better part of this decade, theirs must be really bad if hers seems the most interesting.

"I would appreciate it if you would let me tell Bill myself, please," she says sternly.

"Oh, trust me, Dana Katherine Scully, I'm not the one who's going to be wanting to tell him about this. All I hope is that I'm out to sea when you do finally tell him, so I don't have to hear the screaming and yelling," he tells her, his eyes matching hers in intensity.

"I didn't come here to be lectured. I wanted you two to meet," Scully says to him, as confident as always.

"Can I tell Katie?" he asks, and I'm guessing he's referring to his wife. Scully has never mentioned her sister-in-law's name, nor the names of her brother's children.

"She will just tell Tara. You know the two of them can't keep anything a secret."

I pull my hand out of under hers and start messing around with the menu. I don't appear to be part of this conversation anyway.

"Why does it have to be a secret, Dana? Is this going to be long term or is this just going to be a holiday fling?" he asks her.

I look at her, wanting to know the answer to this myself. Will it all end at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, or do we have something here.

"I am hoping it lasts forever," Scully says, as she slides out of the booth, "Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be right back."

My jaw drops at her proclamation and I can't take my eyes off of her as she maneuvers her way through the tables towards the back of the restaurant. We have yet to discuss exactly where this is going, but I couldn't imagine hearing it in a better way.

"Do you feel the same way?" Charlie asks me.

I'm usually not shy. My job doesn't allow for me to back down at all under tense situations. But at this moment I can't think of anything to say to this man who's sister just gave me a blow job less than two hours ago. I wish I could slink away and follow Scully into the restroom.

"Of course I do," I tell him, and meaning it wholeheartedly.

"Take care of her, okay?" is all he says to me, his head drooping down. He is fidgeting with his wristwatch.

"She is the most important person in the world to me. I don't know why Bill thinks otherwise," I say.

"Bill thinks that you are the most important person in the world to you, Mulder," he says. At least he doesn't try to call me Fox. I only allow Mrs. Scully to do that. And my own mother on good days.

"I'm learning to get over that," I say to him, wondering exactly how many people feel this way about me.

"She's very special. The only sister I've got left," Charlie says, with a tinge of melancholy in his voice.

"I wouldn't drag my ass to Antarctica to save just anyone, Charlie," I tell him.


Shit. She never told them and now I know why. It would just make me look bad. It would be my fault that she was in Antarctica in the first place. The son of a bitch fucked up again, and almost cost them their remaining sister's life.

Scully chooses this moment to return from the bathroom, and is met with Charlie's penetrating eyes and guilt written all over my face.

"What happened here?" she asks.

"No, what happened in Antarctica, Dana?" Charlie asks.

I can feel her eyes bore down on me, without even having to look her way. I fucked it up already. Screw even making it to New Year's Eve. I couldn't make it past the first day.

"During an investigation into a massive conspiratorial cover-up, I was stung by an Africanized honey bee outside of Mulder's apartment, I fell ill, and was abducted. Again. This time my captors took me to Antarctica, where Mulder risked life, limb and career to rescue me. That about sums it up," she says, as if she was relaying this story to Skinner again. She's not accusing me of anything, instead defending me to one more brother.

"Antarctica? How in the hell did you get to Antarctica?" he asks, and I'm not sure which one of us he's asking.

"I don't know," she answers first.

"Anyway I could," I answer second, as I turn to look at the woman for whom I would go to the moon to rescue.

"You know, with the life you two lead, I really can't find anything wrong with you together. Who else would want to spend eternity with someone who gets carted off to Antarctica. No offense, Dana, but the two of you are both nuts," he says, as our waitress finally shows up next to us and we place our order.

"Is this some bizarre way of you saying we have your blessing?" I ask, not that it really matters, but I know it is important to Scully.

"As long as you promise to always rescue her from any various frozen wasteland she might be carted off to, I'll go along with it," he says, slightly smiling.

"We take turns rescuing each other from frozen wastelands, Charlie. This relationship is built on equality," Scully tells her brother.

"You two are nuts," he says again, as he takes his sister's hand over the table, "but when people are in love, which one of us isn't nuts."

I think I could grow to like this man. At least he's giving us a chance. That is more than Bill even thought of doing.


Scully exchanges tender good-byes to her brother as we stand outside of Denny's. He even shakes my hand, but not without warning me once again to take care of his sister.

She and I climb into her car, escaping the cold morning air, and we just sit there for a moment.

"That didn't go too badly," she says to me, with a smile on her face.

"Will he tell Bill? Or your mother?" I ask, wondering how well the Scully brothers keep secrets.

"I don't know. Eventually, it will get to him and he'll tell Katie. Katie will tell Tara, Tara will tell Bill, and Bill will tell Mom, unless I tell her first, which seems like the smart thing to do," she says as she puts the car into reverse and backs out of the spot.

"How, exactly are you going to tell her. 'Mom, I'm shagging my partner now, so if I disappear for any amount of time again, it is probably to his apartment," I say to her.

"Do you think that will work?" she asks seriously, as she watches for a break in the traffic.

"It ought to go over well. And when we are done telling her, we will tell Kersch in the same way. Except we won't call him 'mom,'" I say to her, laughing at what I know will one day be the worst day of our lives: the day Assistant Director Kersch finds out about this one.

I don't even want to think about the years of manure detail we'll be doing, although more than likely we will be doing it separately. Hell, the way our lives are detailed and surveyed, Kersch probably knew we were having sex before I did.

"What would you like to do now, Mulder?" she asks, heading in the general direction of her apartment.

"You know what I'd really like to do, what we haven't done yet, Scully?" I ask her.

"What?" she says, her voice almost quivering.

"I would love to take you to bed."

She thinks about this for a few seconds, as a small smile breaks across her face.

"Then I guess it is a good thing we are headed towards my place," she says.


Scully's place is all decked out in yuletide joy, making my single string of blue lights seem even more sad. She has blinking lights everywhere, and a huge tree decorated to the hilt.

"Scully, why do you do this all for yourself?" I ask, as I look at some of the more personal ornaments on the tree. I can tell some are family heirlooms, passed down from a grandmother or from her mother.

"I don't know. I guess I believe that even though I am, excuse me, used to be alone on Christmas, that is no reason not to do it for myself. I've gotten by on my own for awhile now," she says thoughtfully, as she stands behind me, wrapping me in her arms.

I turn all the implications of what she just said around and around in my head, and I wonder what in the hell took us so long to get to this point. I wonder how she got by on her own, and can hardly wait to explore these thoughts more.

I turn around, and dip my mouth to hers, savoring this moment fully, before pulling away from her.

"Maybe instead of taking you to bed, I'd rather do it under the Christmas tree. I've never done that," I tell her, as my thoughts turn to seeing her naked sugar plum body with dancing multicolored lights flickering off of it.

She pulls my head back down to hers, and her mouth opens to greet mine. Our tongues play with each other for a few moments, and then it is her turn to back away.

"Tonight, Mulder. It is prettier at night. Not much fun making love under the Christmas tree in broad daylight. Tonight it will be gorgeous, and we'll get a fire going," she says to me seductively, causing parts of me to stir again.

"I don't know if I can wait that long..." I tell her, already having to shift my pants around from her just talking about it.

"Wait? Oh, that doesn't mean we are foregoing the bed thing. No way," she purrs at me, as she pulls me in the direction of her room.

Within minutes, no, seconds, we are both naked once again and finally in a bed together. I had forgotten the great joy of being in a bed with someone, especially doing this.

She is under me, and we are a tangle of arms and legs. Our hands grope to feel the parts of each other long held secret, now totally exposed.

We are making out like a couple of teenagers left alone with the house for the day. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than feel Scully's body react to the various things I do to her. I take that back. I can think of a few other things I'd like to do.

I gently spread her legs and enter her, all of a sudden realizing the difference in our physical sizes. She never seems this small when she is carrying around a weapon and her 'can't touch this' attitude.

"Are you okay?" I ask her, and she just shakes her head at me.

"Why wouldn't I be?" she asks.

"I mean, are you okay, with this like this?" I rephrase my question, as I slowly thrust into her a few times.

"Honestly, I personally don't get much out of it this way, but if you like it..." she starts to say.

I pull out of her and lay by her side.

"I want to watch you get off. I want to see how you got by on your own all this time," I say to her, watching her eyes grow as big as saucers.

"Mulder, I don't know..." she starts to protest.

"You can trust me with this, Scully. You can trust me with anything," I say, trying to reassure her, "Besides, you practically did it that way earlier."

"What about you?'

"Don't worry about me. I'm fine," I say, using one of her most favorite lines to use on me.

I sit up next to Scully on her bed, my attention captured as if she were Schaherezade herself, telling me a thousand tales. Only this time, she is telling me a tale with her body, using her hands to speak to me.

She looks at me hesitantly as her hand moves slowly over her abdomen.

"Pretend I'm not here," I tell her, "Close your eyes, fantasize about whatever it is you have fantasized about all these years."

"That would be you, and that seems silly with you sitting right here," she says. I don't know whether she makes this admission because it is true or because she is trying to get out of this.

"You want to see me do it to myself?" I ask.

"No..., not really," she says, her face scrunching up again.

"Then go for it. Let yourself lose control."

Her one hand finally finds its way between her thighs, and the other hand flits gently over her nipples. She does shut her eyes, and I think that someday I want her to do this looking at me. I want her to be that comfortable with me that there are no secrets anymore.

I watch, engrossed by each and every tiny movement she makes. I want to memorize how she makes herself feel good so I can imitate it to the smallest detail later.

I want to touch myself so badly, but I don't want to take my attention away from Scully.

She rubs her clit with the base of her hand, as she sinks several fingers into her wetness, keeping a rhythm all her own. Her hips start to grind, pushing her up against her own hand. I could probably come right then and there if it weren't for all our previous activity. I admit it. I'm getting old.

I look at her face to discover her eyes are wide open. She is looking at me with a look of new found pleasure on her face. She's getting off on me watching her get off.

Her eyes drop to my lap and to the impossible hard on I'm sporting.

"You like this, Mulder? Is this what you dreamt I would look like doing this?" she asks, her voice so damn sultry I could die.

"It's um, pretty close. But in my dream, I always end up, well, eating you out," I say, fumbling for a better, more polite way to phrase it for Scully.

She pulls her hand away, saying, "Go for it."

"Like this," I tell her, as I lay down and pull her until she is sitting on my face.

My tongue flicks out, searching for the hardened nub of her clit. Bullseye, I think, as she jerks reflexively, her hips grinding away once more.

I nip at her a little and she moans out the most inhuman sound I've heard in awhile. Damn, I could spend the rest of my days listening to that sound.

She leans backwards on her hands, supporting herself better and allowing me better access to the task at hand. Or mouth.

I love doing this to women. Always have. Call me an arrogant asshole, but I love having a woman jerk like this under the control of my tongue. With Scully, it is a little different. She's not some party girl I picked up at a low class bar. I want her to enjoy this because I love her.

Judging from her response as she grinds away above me, she isn't having a bad time.

Her breathing is beginning to change, and I know she's about to come, but I don't want to stop. Finally, she reaches her climax and wiggles away from my tongue, giggling.

"That tickles," she says.

"Did you like it?" I ask, using her question from a few hours earlier.

"Yes. Better than I ever imagined. Now it is your turn."

She gets on her hands and knees, offering herself up to me. Now I know my eyes bug out. It has been forever since I've been given the opportunity to do it this way, let alone with out begging or pleading.

My hand reaches out to stroke her softly, and her back arches again in pleasure.

I enter her, and pull her tighter to me, sinking in all the way until I literally hit bottom. Oh, this is good.

Then we fuck, rutting away like animals on her bed. Making love can come again later, tonight by the fire sipping eggnog. Right now I just want us to fuck ourselves silly. After all this time, we deserve it.

I thrust into her, knocking her forwards off of her hands and down onto her elbows, which gives me a much better angle anyway.

"Harder," she cries out, and I oblige her wishes. She has surpassed every test of trust a man and a woman could have together, and I want her to enjoy this as much as I do.

My one hand sinks into her hair, holding her in place as my other hand reaches around her, wanting to make her come again.

"Can you, Scully? Can you come for me again so soon?" I ask, almost begging.

"Just keep doing that and I think I can. Oh, God. Like that."

I know I can't hold off much longer, not with this much friction going on between us. Finally, I thrust into her one last time and I reach that magic release. I topple over her, unable to support myself during this. As my hand leaves her clit, her hand reaches for that sensitive spot. I'm going to get my wish after all.

I feel myself receding inside her, bathed in the warmth of my own fluid, but I don't want to pull out until she comes. I want to feel it wrap around me and pull me in like a rip current.

Within seconds of my own orgasm, she is there again, and this time she cries out my name. No woman has ever done that, and I'm glad the first is Scully.

The two of us remain static, like limp ragdolls who just had the fuck of their lives. I finally move off of her and we both flop down on the bed with a resounding thud.

"That was good, Mulder. Why in the hell have we wasted all these years?" she asks. She snuggles up to me and her hand is playing with the hairs on my chest.

"It wouldn't have been like this before, Scully. We know each other now better than ever. We only have each other now," I tell her, enjoying this compete intimacy.


"So, Mulder, what are you doing for New Year's Eve?" she asks me.

Scully is no longer merely bathed in blue lights, but has a rainbow of Christmas colors chasing out tiny stars across her body. We lie near her tree, wrapped in fleece blankets, but totally nude otherwise. That is how we spent the day, never putting on a stitch of clothes.

She has played Christmas music all afternoon, both of us not wanting to let the holiday go. It will be hard going back into work on Monday. Harder still to not spend the day smiling suspiciously. Someone has got to be able to tell.

"I don't know yet What would you like me to do on New Year's Eve?" I ask playfully. I hope she doesn't suggest something silly and useless, liking going out. I wish we never have to go out again for anything. Well, except to get food.

"Oh, why don't you wait and I'll show you," she says.

"Trust me, Scully, I'll wait for anything," I say.


The End of Bluelight Special

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